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MITRE is a not-for-profit organization whose sole focus is to operate federally funded research and development centers, or FFRDCs. Independent and objective, we take on some of our nation's - and the world's - most critical challenges and provide innovative, practical solutions. 

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Modular Open Online SoSE Education 

As interest in systems of systems ((SoS) and SoS engineering (SoSE) has grown so has the need for more broadly available SoS educational material to support the SE community.  There is a developing base of SoSE knowledge and experience available and there are traditional sources of SoSE education through university programs and short courses and tutorials.  Modular Online Open SoSE Education and Training (MOOSE) is an experimental initiative to make SoS material available in a more accessible way.  The MOOSE concept is to offer an on-demand, self-paced learning experience based on sets of short course video modules, which will each focus on a specific topic and take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. The video modules, provided in short 7-8-minute segments, draw on existing SoS material on experience with key SoS topics, and are structured to allow for flexible access to materials of specific interest to the viewer.  Knowledge checks, included as auto-graded quizzes, support increased student retention of the material. By making these modules openly available, they provide a shared resource that can be used by teams supporting SoSE efforts from Government, FFRCs, academia, and industry.  MOOSE is a MITRE initiative which began in 2018 and is in development.